I took a walk this evening, after eating supper with my roommate that I still don't call friendit's been a month and twelve days since we got hereI suddenly missed the break times from highschoolafter a month of break times we no longer were strangersis it easier when we are younger?always we'd laugh, always there… Continue reading Bonnie

She is everywhere, he exists everywhere

She exists everywhereThe mother who is mother, father and breadwinnerThe father who is father, mother and breadwinnerShe carries baskets of too red tomatoes on her headHe carries wrinkled clothes he sells at a too cheap priceHome are little ones waiting for mama to feed, if she isn't already carrying one on her back and holding… Continue reading She is everywhere, he exists everywhere

Running Home

It's in the chirping cricketsThe barking dogs A black bird flying lowThe crying babes The song the nextdoor neighbors play from their car And a sunset I always first glimpse through the kitchen window as I wash our dishes after supperIt's in all this that your voice is clearestIt's always a whisper, soIsn't it amazing… Continue reading Running Home