Seli laka

Ntate. Modimo wakaUng'ratile. Kea leboha thataUng'tlolofetse. Kea leboha thataJoale uyang'rataLibe uyang'tsoarelaSeli la bophelo bakaKe ho bone MolokiKe amohetsoe ke uena MorenaHolokile holokileKenale thaboKenale kgotsoKenale bophilo

“Certain Level of Appropriate”

On many an occasion, I attempt to remove myself from my writing but on other days it demands my presence, the true voice and thoughts behind the words. Demands too that I truly pour this gift from my Father into the words. Some days the letters simply flow effortlessly, other days I draft, draft and… Continue reading “Certain Level of Appropriate”

Stay (I)

Kokobetso le bomma bahae haven't so much as had a conversation in weeks. Not since that irritably hot afternoon with insects buzzing everywhere, when Koko was kneeling on the concrete slabs, outside their red-brick house, listening to bomma as though finally hearing her for the first time. And yet she'd in fact done so all… Continue reading Stay (I)